Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I-600 Reciept

We got an email stating that our I-600 had be received in HCMC. This means that we have up to 60 days to hear back from them. With Tet beginning soon, I predict we will have to wait at least the 60 days. This is going to be a long 2 month stretch...

Monday, January 21, 2008

what comes next...

No, this doesn't relate to our adoption. Tatertot and I had the following conversation.

Tatertot: Mama what comes after marriage?
Me- (totally shocked.) "What do you mean?"
T- after you get married what happens?
Me- You live happily ever after.
T- NO! You have an anniversary and then go on dates. You have lots dates.
Me- You have dates before you get married and also after you get married.
T- Well, I am going to get married, have an anniversary, and then DATE!
Me- You are so funny!?!

She then walks back to her room and continues playing. Where do they get these ideas??

Saturday, January 19, 2008


We got word yesterday that our I-600 was mailed to HCMC in Vietnam. That was great news! We should hear something from the USCIS in about 60 days. This is the new hurdle that makes the wait longer between referral and travel, but will make the trip shorter in Vietnam.

J- and I have spent the morning making chili. Our church has its annual cook-off tonight. We basically took a recipe and did our own twists to it. J- has a pot and I have a pot. He has beans and I do not. It is a spicy chili that calls for a full cup of chili powder, but we used about 3/4 cup. We haven't been able to go the past 2 years because we were celebrating Chinese New Year with FCC. This year they aren't on the same day so not an issue. The church also has a pie auction. It is a fun evening!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More paperwork

We got an email from our agency saying we need to work on some paperwork. Looks like the officials in Vietnam need to see an "authentic" I-171 and we need to redo fingerprints. Our fingerprints do not expire until the end of APRIL so looks like travel is unlikely by then. We were expecting it to be at least May, so not a big surprise on that issue.

Tatertot is a bit out of sorts. J- thinks she is coming down with a cold or something. I hope she isn't getting sick. She has been grumpy and weepy the past few days. She breaks down in tears and just sobs at the smallest issue. I think she is still trying to get on a schedule from the holiday break. I just went back to work this past week, so she's having to re-adjust to getting up and going to the babysitter. Anyway, hope she gets into a routine soon!! Mama is starting to get grumpy and weepy, too.