Sunday, August 26, 2007

Referrals, referrals...Where are the referrals??

Our agency has not had a referral for a very long time! The anticipation of referrals has been evident for several months. We are hoping to have a referral next month, but realize that it could easily be October.

We have also been told that it could be any where between 2-6 months before we travel. That means that IF we get a referral next month, it could still be between November and March before we travel. That is actually 1 year later than we were initially thinking our adoption would take.

On other news, Tatertot has started gymnastics class. She has had one lesson and really enjoyed herself. I hope her enthusiasm continues. She enjoyed the trapezee and trampoline work the most. She has also joined the church choir. She has a strong interest in music. She sings, makes up her own songs, and hums all the time. There is nothing sweeter than watching young children (age4-10) sing.