Tuesday, March 3, 2009

4 month update and more!

Yes, four months. Nate has been with us for 4 months! The ear tubes went smoothly and have helped with sleeping. He still sleeps in the bed by John, but is waking less. Most nights it is just once.

He is making more sounds/words every day. He had almost stopped before getting the tubes. He loves music and dancing.

Attachment has increased by leaps and bounds. He now cries for John as much as me. He is giving kisses and doesn't cringe when you try to give him one. Instead, he laughs and leans in for more. What a change!!

He is still attached to his pacifier. He wants it when he sleeps and when he is at daycare. We hope to slowly wing him from having it at daycare. Most nights he wakes is because he has lost his pacifier.

Rachel: She loves playing with Nate and gets very excited when he joins her in play. He will see her on the floor and will pounce on her. She has decided that he needs to listen to books, so she has started reading to him. He loves sitting with her while she reads.

She is learning so much at school. She is writing sentences with most words spelled correct. She is working hard at reading. She reads everything. John and I are very proud of her!!

She was so full of herself. A neighbor had her come over on Saturday to make me a birthday cake. She was busting at the seams to tell me (actually told me many times), but it was a secret. She made a 2 layer chocolate/chocolate cake. It meant a great deal to me!!