Wednesday, October 10, 2007

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

I know a lot of you may have seen this, but if you haven't, you MUST check it out! She is halarious... Click on the YouTube link below and then "Mom Song". Hope you enjoy!!

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Our weekend

We went to eat Chinese at our favorite restaurant on Friday. When we got home, we realized we didn't have cable, internet or a house phone line. We were amazed at how peaceful it was. I do admit, I missed being able to get on the computer!!

Saturday, I went to get my hair cut and some hi-lights. I was wayyy past getting it done. That evening, J- and I went out to eat and to a movie. It had been a long while since we had been out- just the two of us.

Sunday morning, Tatertot and I decorated a lantern for the Autumn Moon celebration. We glued gold and red stars on a white lantern. She found a heart sticker and wanted it to be glued on for her baby brother. We all got ready for church, and got there early. Tatertot sang in church with the children's choir. It was her first time singing for the church. They sang 4 songs and they did a great job.

There was a huge crowd at the FCC event. We enjoyed the hayride, picking a pumpkin, and making a family picture frame. One of the highlights of the evening was when the kids let a balloon go with a note to their birth family. Tatertot wanted to "write" her note by herself. "She was saying "thank you, I love you, and I miss you," as she "wrote" her letter. The letters were tied onto the balloons and released. Then, the kids had a lantern parade. It was a great evening.

Our paperwork seems to be moving along at a steady pace, as far as things go in Vietnam. It is hard to believe we could have a referral in 4-6 weeks.