Sunday, November 18, 2007

finally posting

Well, it has been over a month since my last post. Things have been slow and extremely frustrating. We are still waiting!!! Not much else I can say....waiting and frustration.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Still Waiting

We got a call last week saying that we had hit a stand-still with our paperwork in Vietnam. We have no idea when we will get our referral. The good news is our agency director is on his way to Vietnam and will be looking into our situation. There seems to be soo many things that causing problems for families. All are different, but the results are the same. Families are not getting referrals or traveling to get their child.

On different topic...
Tatertot had a great Halloween. She loved having her face painted green and hair teased to be the Wicked Witch. She loved saying, "I'll get you my pretty!". I went out the next day and bought a few costumes for dress-up. WOoo Hooo, they were 75% off. Her favorite is her bride dress. She has us sing, "Here comes the bride" as she walks down the hall. I think the mermaid dress is adorable. This is such an imaginative age!!