Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bronchitis, Pneumonia, and The Crud...Oh, my!

I have been fighting this cough and drainage for more than 6 weeks. I went to the immediate care the day after Christmas. The results...bronchitis.

Nate has had congestion since Vietnam. The pediatrician put him on allergy meds, but they only slightly helped. He went today for his 18 month check-up. He was so congested I knew he wouldn't get his shots. He listened to his chest and said he has pneumonia. Poor thing. Even sick he is smiling, chatting away, and playing.

John has the crud. He is coughing and has sinus stuff going on.

Rachel seems to be healthy... Hope she stays that way~

Monday, December 29, 2008

John and I took Rachel to a UK game. She had a blast. She really enjoyed eating a huge ice cream cone, had her face painted, and yelled for the team. It was her first time to see the CATS! GO BIG BLUE!!

Nate and Rachel ate the big piece of chocolate Santa left in their stocking. It was gone by 7:30am. They look drunk. Rachel's had a pretzel dipped in chocolate covered in M&M's. While Nate enjoyed a cookie covered in chocolate with sprinkles. He actually just ate a few bites, but Rachel ate all of hers.
They were Santa's little helpers in these outfits. Rachel enjoyed her presents, especially her headphones that go with her electric keyboard. Nate loved his truck that he can ride and push.
Nate learned that all he had to do was give a little whine and someone would pick him up. He ate so much and enjoyed eating everything!
He goes to the doctor tomorrow for his 18 month check-up.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nathaniel and Santa

We got together with the families that traveled with us to China in 2004. The girls had a great time playing. Santa came to visit and passed out presents to all the kids. He said the parents were all on the naughtly list and had nothing for us...

Nate was content on Santa's lap. He didn't really smile, but wasn't upset like I was expecting.

Monday, December 8, 2008

3 weeks...

Although it is a few days late, I thought I'd give a 3 week update.

  • Nate loves his sister. He follows her everywhere and gets so excited when we pick her up at school.

  • He is 20 pounds. His face is full. His bug bites are almost gone.

  • His legs are short. He needs 6-9 month pants and 12 month shirts.

  • His hair is getting thicker and shinier.

  • He is a fast crawler and loves to crawl between your legs (especially while Momma is cooking dinner).

  • He is able to go from a sit to standing position and is climbing over objects (mostly his sister).

  • His teeth are strong. He nipped me, but really bit Rachel. He left teeth marks.

  • Can give the sign for "more" and will say "m" at the same time.

  • He can say, Momma, Baba (for Papa) NO!(also shakes his head), hi, bye, n-(nose), Mmm (Mei Mei), mama (moo for cow), ieieie for EIEIO in Old McDonald, and numerous other babbling sounds.

  • He'll do this little dance when he hears music. It is a side to side thing with head movement.

  • HAS SLEPT IN HIS BED THE PAST TWO NIGHTS (well, most of the night anyway)


  • Loves her brother.

  • Likes to feed Nate and help take care of him. She loves to have him follow her around.

  • Like to be fed by us. (especially after brother bit her hand)

  • Has grown. She was wearing 3T when we left for Vietnam, she is now in 4T and had to have elastic loosened on several pants.

  • Is working hard in school.

  • She loves to write. This is amazing considering the turmoil it caused at the beginning of school. She loves to make lists, copy words, and write messages.

  • Loves to do her advent calendar each morning. Gets so excited to tell how many days are left.

  • Tolerates the abuse her brother inflicts upon her (I looked over the other day and he was beating her head with a wooden spoon). She didn't get angry, just calmly told him to STOP.

  • She is a great daughter and sister!

I took Nathaniel to the DR this morning. He is coughing and really congested at night. He was put on allergy medicine. His throat was really red, but didn't have strep. I hope it helps him breathe (thus leading to him staying asleep and not needing to wake his parents up so much). One can dream, anyway!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I have always appreciated naps. My Dad has always taken a nap. At work he would close the door to his office and down he go...on the floor. It would only be a short one, but one he found very benificial.

I still encourage Rachel to take a nap/rest time, but often she just rests. That is okay. Nate tends to want to fight nap time. He is getting better, but isn't consistent at this point.

Rachel had to come home from school for the second time this week because of throwing-up. (only one time Monday and so far just once today). Nate has been whiny the past two days. He wants to be held, then he wants down. He just whines and grunts. Not sure if he is teething, or if it is a cold. Momma is tired!
However, at this exact moment-

Nate is asleep!

Rachel is asleep!

I think I will join them!