Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Doctor's report

We got the call from our pediatrician today. She said things look good. So, we emailed FTIA and told them we are accepting our referral. We signed the papers this evening and they will go to the agency tomorrow!!

Tatertot took her baby brothers picture to school today. She was so excited and was so proud. She was jumping up and down when she showed his picture. Cuong is going to be such a lucky boy. He has a great big sister!

Christmas cards

I had planned to get my cards done 2 weeks ago. I wanted to put a pictures of Cuong in the cards, so I waited. I waited some more, and then more. Now that we have his picture, we were able to get the cards done. I have almost 80 cards to mail.
Cuong has a few pictures that were taken when our FTIA coordinator was in Vietnam. He is wearing pink stripes and pink poka dots. I love those pictures. They were taken when he was very young. Cuong has come a long way because the pink outfit pictures show just how tiny he was in the beginning.
Tatertot picked out 2 pictures to take to school today. She is wearing her shirt that says, "I'm the big sister". I've had it since this summer. She is excited to tell her friends!

Only 7 more days until Christmas!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Just 1 day short of 15 months after turning in our dossier to FTIA, we received our referral. Cuong was born June 30, 2007. Coung means health and prosperty. His pictures show a little boy who is full of expressions.

I was at school, walking my students to the room, when the "call" came through from our agency. I asked if I could call back when I got the kids to the room, so I ran around trying to find someone to watch my class. I called J- to tell him we had a referral and I would call him right back with the details.

We are expecting a FEDX package today. It should have the pictures and copies of all his paperwork.