Monday, April 21, 2008

What great weather

Our agency emailed today that our final police investigation is complete and has been sent to the PDOJ. The next step is IAD approval.

The weather has been absolutely wonderful the past two days. After gymnastics, Tatertot and I went to the zoo. She had a blast looking at the animals and asked a million questions. We went to Target after that. Needless to say, she crashed on the way home and slept 2 hours.

Before dinner, we all walked back in the field and back around. I have back problems and know that carrying the baby is going to be an issue. I got a 5 pound bag of sugar to carry in the baby carrier. I have been carrying it when we walk and I can already tell a difference. Tatertot thinks it is hilarious.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

3rd times a charm!!

J- and I went to our fingerprints redone. I know things change, but fingerprints???? These will be good for 15 months, so this will hopefully be our last. Now, we need to get to Vietnam!!!! It has been four months since we got our referral.

Today was a fun day with Tatertot. Her preschool went to the theatre. It was a good to see her with her classmates. She was on the edge of her seat watching the actors. I even road the bus with her.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fair game

J- and I have always watched the foods we give Tatertot. We (mostly J) expose her to a wide variety of foods. She enjoys "Hotel California Rolls" along with numerous other foods most preschool age kids won't eat. Encouraging a healthy assortment of food has been a priority for us to instill in her. Candy and desserts were treats that we offered, but not provided everyday.

That said...

I have had to throw ALL candy out or make sure it is not within eye shot of her. Candy that had previously sat on the counter for months is now fair game for the taking. Caramels from Christmas, that are as hard as a rock, are now tasty morsels to be devoured. Hidden in closets are wrappers by the hand full.

Now I guess I have to wait for her to get the thirst for soft drinks.....

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Finally! We were happy to finally get an update. Looks like little Cuong is growing. Yes, he seems to be little. He is 17 pounds and 26 inches, so he is around the 10th% on the Asian charts. He is said to be crawling and has several teeth. The pictures show him pulling up with his arms and lying flat on his back. He seems to have teeth on top and bottom.

Tatertot was about 15 pounds at 16 months. She wasn't even on the Asian growth charts. She is still petite, but very healthy. She is barely on the Asian growth chart now, but continues to grow on her curve. She loves to run and runs whenever she has the opportunity.