Friday, July 31, 2009


Life... according to Rachel, she has a terrible life. Hum! This is a girl who has been to Girl Scout camp, to the zoo several times, get togethers with her "Hengyang sisters", and camping in back yard. Not to mention a week of horse camp and a vacation to KY Lake. Poor thing! I guess it is hard to have such a terrible life.

Our trip to KY Lake was lots of fun. We rented a pontoon one day. It rained off and on, but it was loads of fun. Nobody got in the lake, too cold. However, we did fish and eat a picnic on the boat. Nate loved watching the fast boats fly by us. He say, "WOW!".

Both the kids enjoyed the pool. Rachel has turned into a fish. She used to hold her nose, wear goggles, and not like to go under the water. Now, she is starting to swim underwater and isn't wearing goggles or holding her nose. She was so happy on Wednesday. She got to spend most of the day in the pool. Nate enjoyed the pool, but it wore him out. He almost fell asleep getting his diaper changed.

Rachel didn't want much to do with the beach, the water was too cold. She has never liked being cold. She gets so cold. We did play in the sand one evening. John took them fishing outside our room one night and they almost caught a fish.

I rented a jet ski while John took the kids swimming on Thursday. I enjoyed my hour of solitude and time on the lake.


Friday, July 24, 2009

One Republic

Rachel missed the VBS at our church because of Girl Scout Camp. We have a church in our neightborhood so we signed her up to go to it. It is all week. She loved it! She made some really good friends. Even gave one on the youth leaders a nick-name that everyone was calling him by the end of the week.
Tonight was the "program". Nate had a blast with the music and all the kids. Towards the end of the program, Nate climbed into my lap and layed his head on my shoulder. I looked down and he had unbutton one of the buttons on my blouse and was working on the next one. I told Nate to stop and Rachel replied, "In the Republic? Not in the republic!

So... be careful and don't expose yourself in the republic!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Busy Saturday

The kids and I started the morning heading for the country for a Hengyang get together. One of the families we traveled to China with in 2004 has a place in the country. By 2:00 most of the families were there and the girls were in the pool for 2 hours. The adults sat, talked, and chased Nate and Bill. The boys loved harassing the numerous cats and kittens, who were extremely tolerant of the boys chasing them, holding them upside down, and squeezing.

Most of the families (not us) have 4-wheelers. I really enjoy riding, even though I never thought it would be something I'd like. Nate really enjoyed riding, too. I took turns taking some of the girls for rides. It gave me a chance to have 1 on 1 time with them. I enjoy spending time with each of these special girls. Their personalities are all so different. One talked my ear off, another talked about her favorite summer memory, and another said little but laughed as we rode through the field. Good times.

The kids and I head back to Louisville around 6:00 (would have been sooner if I hadn't misplaced my phone). I grabbed the kids a hot dog to eat on the road. Rachel scarfed hers down and was asleep before we were a mile from the house. Nate fell asleep about 10 minutes later. John was already at the cookout. He was on grilling duty. He cooked the best hamburgers! He worked hard and got really hot.

The kids had a good time visiting. Rachel telling people about her hair and how she donated it. Nate screaming, "MINE" when a little girl took his Mickey Mouse chair and took off up the hill. He is so possessive! His personality continues to grow.

Everyone was exhausted, but had a good time.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Horray for Nate

The bed/sleep situation has been gotten much better. He is staying in bed longer or even all night for a few weeks. There are still nights he is restless and is in the bed early, but for the most part he has made huge improvements. Tonight!!! HE FELL ASLEEP IN HIS OWN BED!!
Yes, it was only one night...but yeah!

Rachel, really enjoyed horse camp. It was a week from 9-3. She was exhausted! The instructor called her the "energizer bunny". She did anything that she was asked with all the energy she could. She loved everything about the camp. (Even ok with having to mucking stalls.) However, her favorite part of the day was swimming. Can't believe she goes to horse camp and loved the swimming???

Summer is zooming along :-( We have done a lot, but just seems to be going so fast.

UPDATE! He stayed in his bed until almost 8am!! He is now finishing his second yogurt and eating on his oatmeal.