Sunday, July 12, 2009

Horray for Nate

The bed/sleep situation has been gotten much better. He is staying in bed longer or even all night for a few weeks. There are still nights he is restless and is in the bed early, but for the most part he has made huge improvements. Tonight!!! HE FELL ASLEEP IN HIS OWN BED!!
Yes, it was only one night...but yeah!

Rachel, really enjoyed horse camp. It was a week from 9-3. She was exhausted! The instructor called her the "energizer bunny". She did anything that she was asked with all the energy she could. She loved everything about the camp. (Even ok with having to mucking stalls.) However, her favorite part of the day was swimming. Can't believe she goes to horse camp and loved the swimming???

Summer is zooming along :-( We have done a lot, but just seems to be going so fast.

UPDATE! He stayed in his bed until almost 8am!! He is now finishing his second yogurt and eating on his oatmeal.

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