Monday, July 13, 2009

Busy Saturday

The kids and I started the morning heading for the country for a Hengyang get together. One of the families we traveled to China with in 2004 has a place in the country. By 2:00 most of the families were there and the girls were in the pool for 2 hours. The adults sat, talked, and chased Nate and Bill. The boys loved harassing the numerous cats and kittens, who were extremely tolerant of the boys chasing them, holding them upside down, and squeezing.

Most of the families (not us) have 4-wheelers. I really enjoy riding, even though I never thought it would be something I'd like. Nate really enjoyed riding, too. I took turns taking some of the girls for rides. It gave me a chance to have 1 on 1 time with them. I enjoy spending time with each of these special girls. Their personalities are all so different. One talked my ear off, another talked about her favorite summer memory, and another said little but laughed as we rode through the field. Good times.

The kids and I head back to Louisville around 6:00 (would have been sooner if I hadn't misplaced my phone). I grabbed the kids a hot dog to eat on the road. Rachel scarfed hers down and was asleep before we were a mile from the house. Nate fell asleep about 10 minutes later. John was already at the cookout. He was on grilling duty. He cooked the best hamburgers! He worked hard and got really hot.

The kids had a good time visiting. Rachel telling people about her hair and how she donated it. Nate screaming, "MINE" when a little girl took his Mickey Mouse chair and took off up the hill. He is so possessive! His personality continues to grow.

Everyone was exhausted, but had a good time.

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