Friday, July 31, 2009


Life... according to Rachel, she has a terrible life. Hum! This is a girl who has been to Girl Scout camp, to the zoo several times, get togethers with her "Hengyang sisters", and camping in back yard. Not to mention a week of horse camp and a vacation to KY Lake. Poor thing! I guess it is hard to have such a terrible life.

Our trip to KY Lake was lots of fun. We rented a pontoon one day. It rained off and on, but it was loads of fun. Nobody got in the lake, too cold. However, we did fish and eat a picnic on the boat. Nate loved watching the fast boats fly by us. He say, "WOW!".

Both the kids enjoyed the pool. Rachel has turned into a fish. She used to hold her nose, wear goggles, and not like to go under the water. Now, she is starting to swim underwater and isn't wearing goggles or holding her nose. She was so happy on Wednesday. She got to spend most of the day in the pool. Nate enjoyed the pool, but it wore him out. He almost fell asleep getting his diaper changed.

Rachel didn't want much to do with the beach, the water was too cold. She has never liked being cold. She gets so cold. We did play in the sand one evening. John took them fishing outside our room one night and they almost caught a fish.

I rented a jet ski while John took the kids swimming on Thursday. I enjoyed my hour of solitude and time on the lake.


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