Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just random things.

I few weeks ago, I was getting the kids ready for church. Nate had some "new" hand-me-down that are adorable. I put on the blue seersucker paints, white button down, and sail boat tie. It was just too cute on him. Rachel and Nate were in the living room sitting in a chair together. Rachel was talking so I went in to listen. "You are so cute. I love you so much. You are so handsome. But, I know I can't marry you because that is illegal." WHERE DID SHE HEAR THAT? She just cracks me up!

Nate is really starting to copy words and is saying sounds. When we are in the car or shopping I can really get him going. Daycare workers are commenting on him talking more. However, when you want him to talk, he won't. He is at least saying words, even if it is only when he chooses to say them. He is also making farm animal sounds. Loves the cow. He is even sleeping in his own bed now.

Rachel turns 6 in a week. Where has the time gone? She is doing great in school. She has really turned into a reader. I think her teacher was even surprised how well she was reading, when she gave her the reading assessments.

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Marla said...

Kids say the funniest things! Its good they still like each other too.
I cant believe Rachel is going to be 6 and Adalyn will be 4! Where does the time go?